Tuesday, March 6, 2012

here kitty kitty...

hi all!

we are having the hands down weirdest winter ever here in northern va.  yesterday it could not decide whether it was going to snow or be sunny...or snow...or be sunny...at one point i was driving down the highway and it was clearly snowing on the OTHER side of the road but not mine... and in three days it is going to be 70 degrees.

in yet another attempt to find the source of my headaches i went and had my hair thinned out.  i kept telling her no do more.  for those who have not met me i have enough hair for 5 people and i look REE-dic-u-lous with short hair so that is NOT an option.

 that is ALOT of hair!  and i still LOTS left.  and no, it didn't work *sniff sniff*.

so onto some fun.  can't let a severe headache stand between me and my craft room! hahhahah!  this is my very first attempt at a full project suzi blu style from her La La La class.  i am not overly happy with it but hey - you have to start somewhere right???

the best part is that i am learning SO much in the classes so that's what counts most!  i drew the little kitty image myself.

and here are a couple pics of my real kitty's

look how big my baby bubba kitten is getting!  and look at those maine coon tails!

he decided her road was a perfect little kitty nest.

the next challenge has begun for Mix It Up over on over on Color Me Creative.  the challenge this time is to use stencils on your project - use one that is ready made like the ones from Crafters Workshop or make your own!  i will have my samples up tomorrow!

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