Wednesday, March 14, 2012

class time ladies!

hi all!

we are having the most unbelievable weather up here in northern VA - it was 80 DEGREES yesterday afternoon!  and it isn't even march 15th!  i. was. wearing. SHORTS!  hahhahahha!  of course this probably means a long hot summer and brutal hurricane season for my mom and my family down south but for now we are really enjoying it.  my headaches have been much better (though not completely gone but manageable) and i even got out in the gardens and started working on those sunday and yesterday.  pezza and i went on our first garden center outing of the spring YAY!  oh so many things i want!  however technically we are not supposed to start planting up here until may 1 so i will have to settle for getting all of the clean up and prep work done!

i have NOT been spending a whole lot of time in my studio but i hope to change that first thing this morning!  in the meantime i wanted to put up another post about the classes i have coming up in baltimore in may since it seems very few people had been getting my blog!

the group The Outlawz is hosting a retreat May 18, 19 & 20 and i am teaching classes there!  live and in the flesh!  hahhahha!  i will be teaching a colored pencil class AND a beginners mixed media class!  you can get all the details of classes on my Workshops Page and all of the retreat info on the outlawz page.

i sure hope to see some of you there!

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