Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Vase full of flowers - tutorial

hi all! i finally have another flower soft tutorial for you!!! this gorgeous vase full of flowers AND it fits into my no coloring week pledge too!

some close ups:

These are SUPER easy to do - several kits come with everything you need - the Starter Box and the Lavender & Lace Box OR you can buy various vase sheets, wires and glue to go with the other kits.

make your flower stems first so they have time to dry. place some flower soft in the jar lids so you can fluff it up. cover about 2/3 of the wire with the PVA glue. sprinkle flower soft all over the wire and then prop it up to dry. some kits come with sponges or you can use a piece of styrofoam.

cut out your vase - i left a little tab on each side to make it easy to glue down. cut your wire into pieces sized for the vase or pot you are using.

roll your vase around a pen to round it out a bit.

add a dab of glue to each tab and glue the vase to your base piece of cardstock being careful to slightly round it so you can place your flower wires inside.

Once the flower stems are dry group them together in a bunch arranging them how you want and add glue to the bare ends.

here is the vase with the newly added stem. press down a bit on the vase to be sure the glue and wires are touching paper. let dry.

once it is dry you can bend and twist the wires anyway you want. the flower soft glue holds the sprinkles on really well. i bent these with my fingers but you could also use a pair of needle nose pliers to really curl them into a fuller bunch. if you have any noticeable bare spots on your wires just add a bit more glue and flower soft.
i had seen these for the last year on the flower soft website but thought they were much more complicated until i sat in the booth at CHA and made some myself - SO easy!!!!!

we have lots of fun flower soft items in stock - what can you create? watch for another tutorial next week!


  1. Loooooving it, loooooving it!!! Excellent tutorial, Marti! Could not have said it any better, plus you had even easier steps than what I was doing! NOTE to SELF on the vase tabs and the curling around the pencil!

    Your bag is be-yooo-tiful!!!

  2. OMGoodness Marti! That's awesome!

  3. just beautiful and thanks for the tut

  4. Whoa, O MYLanTa.... This is freakishily GORGEOUS....... Why don't I own this stuff yet??? Cause I am totally SOLD