Sunday, October 26, 2008

Tutorial - masking fun!!

ok i will apologize now for this post being so photo heavy BUT i want to make sure i explain this technique well enough for y'all to follow along! my fabby talented friend suzanne told me she was lurking around my blog waiting for this tutorial i teased y'all with and then promptly dropped in order to get my shipping done. SO - want a great use for all those little studio Gs you have been collecting??? this is the perfect technique!! i will apologize now for not having the completed project to show you but there is a bit of a back-up in the studio these days AND i made this for a gift bag which i have yet to go out and purchase.....

i first showed this technique a few days ago - we did this in my monthly SU tech club that i go to. stacey always comes up with something i love!

SO gather some supplies - you will need a larger (or regular size) stamp as a focal image and then you will need numerous coordinating smaller stamps - 5-7 (grab those studio Gs girls and guys!) three ink colors - light, medium and dark - same color family. ink blending foam or sponge, glitter or embossing powder, the larger size rectangle post it notes - 3-4 (OR you can do like me and cut your own scrap paper and put repositionable adhesive on it but the post it notes work better - just couldn't find any)

Cut your cardstock to the size you want and stamp your focal image in your darkest color. OPTIONAL - create more emphasis by embossing it or adding glitter - here i decided to do some distress embossing powders on the large cardinal stamp from inkadinkado's winter birds set. when using distress embossing be sure to shake them well!

Now starting on one corner mask your main image with the post it - best to not make it an exact corner but a little askew. take your ink blending tool and smudge from the post it note onto the paper in your LIGHTEST ink color.

DO this for all four corners. Be sure not to have any of the previously inke area showing when you ink a different area.

NOw continue working your way around the edges of your paper creating a "frame." At this point it is unavoidable to have previously inked areas unmasked so you will need to use additional post it notes to cover up any inking. keep going around the paper and inking sections just along the edges of the post it note(s).

SOme areas will even require three post its to mask adequately.

Next repeat the same masking process BUT use your medium color to ink the outer edges toward the post it note but not covering your lighter ink - just up to it or almost up to it.

Continue moving the mask(s) around again to add your medium color to each masked off area.

Final step - again place the masks in the same spot for each area and stamp random small images in the 3 different colors - BUT if using the darkest color stamp on a scratch paper and then your piece so the image does not overpower the focal image. again placing the masks correctly is what makes this so cool!

i hope that is clear - if it isn't PLEASE let me know, ask me questions!!

ok i'm off - working on some cool new things.....oh so much to show you, so little time.......


  1. Cool--looks like I can handle it,lol! I'll try it soon!

    hugz & thanx,

  2. This is sooo awesome! I love it!

  3. Amazing and cute!!! such great work!! :) :)