Tuesday, October 7, 2008

stickles vs. stickles vs. stickles........

yep two posts in one day - i think this is a first! but i get SO many questions about the different kinds of stickles i thought it might be helpful to do a little guide for everyone *waving to Tara*.

stickles are a hot topic with the new Designer Stickles coming out plus the holidays - i mean halloween and christmas just SCREAM for over the top glitter - of course i glitter all year long buuuuttt......

We'll start with Glitz stickles. These are not actually a new product, Ranger just re-branded them into the stickles family to increase their visibility and boy did it work!! so we have 6 colors in this set - below are examples photographed as best i could:

and now a detailed explanation of each color:

  • Champagne - gold glitter with a little bit of iridescent glitter mixed in
  • Ruby Slippers - mostly red glitter with pink mixed in
  • Sequins - appears mostly magents with gold, blue, red & aqua mixed in
  • Mermaid - aqua glitter with a little green & magenta mixed in
  • Grape - purple glitter with blue & copper mixed in
  • Tiara - mostly silver with a good bit of copper mixed in

Now i guess it is debateable as to whether they have MORE sparkle than the regular stickles - i think at times it looks like they might - but i CAN say the colors are unique - not like any of the other stickles colors.

Another question i get is the differenc ebetween regular stickles and Ice stickles - HUGE difference! below i have two sample boards comparing the three kinds in a few similar colors to help illustrate:

the Ice are definitely more bling bling than the regular but also a different make-up. the colors have itty bitty glitters in whatever the color name is and then larger rianbow-like holographic glitter. so the "feel" of them is lighter - color and weight - than the weightier heavyily glittered look of stickles. Ice stickles also come in a bigger bottle with a larger tip. this means you will not get as fine a line with these but they are fabulous for large spaces and still make great dotted borders.

what will the distress stickles look like??? not sure yet but here is how T!m described them:

but these aren't your ordinary stickles (of course), this formulation combines a pearlized glitter instead of metallic glitter and composed of various particle sizes. pair that with the popular color palette of distress and you have a very vintage (almost mica looking) distress glitter glue. the texture is amazing, the colors are amazing and the results...still pure distress.

i'll admit i can't even picture what he is talking about but the instant they hit my doorstep i will set up a sample board for everyone!!

Finally liquid pearls always gets thrown in which is not stickles but is close to the same thig. this is a pearlized paint and very thick and dimensional. it can be used out of the bottle just like stickles or painted on thinly for a pearlized look. and along these lines a WAY TOO underloved product - dimensional pearls is also a fabulous addition in really wonderful colors. again a pearlized paint in a squeeze tip bottle in 12 of ranger's earthtone colors - you really need to check them out!! i have tutorials using them here on my blog.

i hope that helps a little! let me know what you think and if you have any more questions ask away!!!

Distress stickles are still a few weeks away *cries*


  1. Thank you for doing this. I have used stickles, ice and liquid pearls, and still got a better understanding from your panels and words. I can't wait to see the distress stickles. Thanks again for taking the time to help us understand.

  2. Stickles! I absolute fave embellie! :))) So gorgeous!

  3. Thanks for the explanations. It will come in handy. Love my stickles.