Monday, October 13, 2008

HOLY COW a tutorial!!!! PURE halloween distress!

That's right! i am finally back to doing some tutorials for y'all! today's is actually the October technique challenge issued by T!m Holtz over on his blog - that man is just inCREDible!! he did a tag as usual so i expanded on it and came up with these little goodies:

these are jars i am going to fill with hallowen nonsense and send to my brother and his friend. i think they will get a kick out of them. we will be using crackle paint - an amazing product that i just adore!!

Let's gather supplies: Crackle paint (only one color is necessary but i did several projects at once), cardstock, stamps, black soot distress ink, coordinating colors of distress ink (two is nice to use as opposed to one), foam ink blending tool, black paint dabber, fragments charm (brand spankin' new!), patterned paper, glossy accents, brad or eyelet, ribbon or fiber, stickles, grungeboard - all of these items can be found on my website except for paper and ribbon.

Start by painting on the crackle paint - it will take awhile to dry. Shake the paint well and then paint it on with the brush cap - just cover SOME of your cardstock - not all of it. Put it on a little thick so the cracks are nice and noticeable - i don't find it curls my paper too badly once it is glued down. i did gift bags too which will be a project posted later this week....

i did two pieces of cardstock and two bags. The top one uses shabby shutters and dusty concord. this one uses antique linen and black soot.

next let's do our fragment so it can dry. these come in a package with a wide variety of shapes and sizes. choose one that fits nicely over a portion of your patterned paper you want to highlight. squirt some glossy accents on the back of your fragment.

Place the piece over the patterned paper and press down from the center out gently - wiggle it a bit if necessary - so there are no air bubbles. Let it dry and then trim it out.

Also - optional - choose some grungeboard (i used "boo" letters but the seasonal set has some great halloween ones too. color your grungeboard - you can ink it directly with an ink pad, cover it in stickles, paint it, use perfect pearls shimmer mist and let dry if necessary.

Once the crackle paint is completley dry choose a couple ink colors and blend them over the unpainted portions of your cardstock. it doesn't matter if you get it on the paint too. the best way to use this tool is to dab it on the ink pad, then start off the edge of your piece on the craft sheet and begin rubbing in a circular motion with light pressure. gradually move onto your cardstock.

Next stamp you background stamps with black soot distress ink. using a slightly damp paper towel GENTLY rub the stamped image off of the painted areas:

Ink your main image(s) with the black paint dabber - rub across to knock the peaks of paint down. stamp it.

Last step - using the foam ink blending tool again - rub vintage photo distress ink or similar dark brownish color along all the edges. use a distressing tool along the edges for added distress look if you want.

Here is a close up of one of the jars.

Attach your fragment charm with ribbon or fiber using a brad or an eyelet. glue grungeboard pieces on.

To make the jar i attached my paper pieces with mod podge and used alcohol ink on the plastic lids.

crackle paint is GREAT stuff but especially for halloween!! i am hoping to get a wooden halloween plaque done using it too.........

i hope you enjoy this project -if you choose to do it i hope you come back and share a link with me so i can see it!! remember all of these great products can be found at !!


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    Love the book. Such detail.

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  2. These look awesome !! thanks for the tutorial !!