Friday, August 1, 2008

UTEE tutorial - part 3 - and the best!!

ok Catherine - this ones for you! this technique comes from a book - Paper Transformed by Julia Andrus (creator of perfect pearls):

The perfect pearls is "captured" in the layers of UTEE in a sort of web-like pattern.

Gather supplies: UTEE, cardstock cut to size, cardboard cut to same size, ink pads in 2-3 colors, foam blending tool, versamark, perfect pearls, small paintbrush, heat tool.

Run your cardstock thru a xyron or cover with adhesive and attach the cardboard to the back - i use cereal boxes :) - UTEE can be heavy and make your paper curl - this will keep it straight and stiff.

color your cardstock with the ink and blending tool (or start wit colored cardstock). smoosh it into the versamark pad and cover really well - remember you can check under a light - the versamark will be shiny.

brush on 2-3 colors of perfect pearls. this works best if one is a "metallic" (here i used bronze) AND if you don't put the same color pearls as the ink underneath. now the tricky part - cover the piece with UTEE BUT there is nothing for it to stick to. SO i heat it just a tiny bit to get it a little sticky and then cover with UTEE. start heating with the gun really high up and move slowly closer to the paper - if you see the UTEE start blowing back up a bit. once it starts melting you can get closer. this can take awhile - 10 minutes even - be patient! the effect is so worth it! the UTEE will bead up and drop through the layer of perfect pearls creating "windows" to see the ink beneath.

i am out of town right now at CKC but have this set to post automatically

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  1. I asked for help with UTEE at SF and you have certainly done just that. Thank you sooo much. I have been finding alot of useful info in your blog.