Monday, August 4, 2008

CKC AAAAAAAAAAAANND an introduction you won't want to miss!!

SO recovering from my first CKC experience (creating keepsakes convention) can i just WOW!! my bank account will likely take longer to recover! so this what i ended up with AFTER exercising restraint:

i have had a bunch of requests for thoughts/tips so here is the short version - cash is a good idea BUT most of the vendors i saw took debit/credit cards. i DID NOT go to crops so i can't help there. i DID go to classes - you need more than your basic supplies for a lot of them. MUST TAKES - SEI velvet paper class - we will be talking about this stuff extensively later in the week. cara miller board books - i took board books 101 - she is AWESOME, lots of great tips and a unique approach.

must stop booth - spellbinders - the 2 ladies there are fabulous. want2scrap - LOTS of SUPER acrylic and chipboard albums with adorable examples. i think i bought 7 - have i lost my mind........ and the most surprising find to me - SEI's kit club - i have NEVER been interested in a kit club until i saw theirs.

and the best for last - to me the find of the year - ScrapWraps - scrapbook albums that answer my prayers regarding every single thing i hate about traditionals albums. in fact i love them so much i made a deal right there to begin carrying them on my website!! ready to see?

The front and back covers are cloth, ever so slightly padded and hand sewn (VERY WELL i might add). an enormous amount of fabric choices i can't begin to cover here so we will start with mine. a gorgeous random butterfly and flower pattern.

The spine is black cloth with these loop and tie closures - surprisingly strong. The back and front covers are not attached so this allows for quite a bit of expansion.

SO first pet peeve of mine - who hates fighting with the blasted post screws? they roll away, screw in crooked, are never tall enough, i get the pages on to one and they slide off the other two. well here we have VELCRO! yep velcro. this is a pic of the front cover open and peeled off of the first page.

Now what is the next thing i love about velcro? ever had to change your page orders or insert a forgotten page in the middle of an album? *raising my hand* well it's super easy now!!!

Next up is the page protector itself - side load (yes it makes it easier), a little protector flap over the opening AND true 12 x 12 size so none of my pages buckle.

what? is the velcro strong you ask? well i can hold the book up by one page.....

i love this - now my almost 2 year old can look at the pics all she wants and i don't have to worry about torn out pages (i mean that's what they're for right? to look through...)

and now the best for last. i loved them all the way through the demo but then she showed me something that instantly had me grabbing my check card. this is a photo of my current album. anyone who has followed my blog knows of my love for bead pops. well they aren't the only bulky embellishment i adore. so my album is retarded.

well i transferred everything into the new one. here is a pic of the album with all of the 12 pages loaded that come with the album. the spine buckles are undone and the back cover is peeled off.

Here i added more refill pages, just plopped them on.

and here is the new album with all those same pages in it. IT IS FLAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was stunned! i can now embellish with ANYTHING i want!!!!!!!!!!

Look at that! fat as all get out but FLAT!

Now you know i also love my bling so i decorated the cover with some stickles - it's fabric so i know it will hold well.

the albums are $39.00 and come with 12 pages. 12 refill pages are 21.00. the company sets the prices i don't so that is the best you will get anywhere. i have a couple in stock and will be working on getting more in. do you have a theme you know you want? let me know and i will ask about it to get it in the shop!


  1. I think those are the most awesome albums I have ever seen. And I am a true, strict Creative Memories album user!! The price isn't any more than a CM album either! I might have to try these out. My albums are all retarded (thick and fat, LOL) like yours. Whoever invented these is a genius I tell ya! How soon will you be carrying them?

  2. I'm getting ready for the CKC here in Tulsa starting in a couple of weeks. I've been going each year since they started coming here several years ago. I know I'll spend alot of $$ too. I just can't resist all the pretty stuff and goodies!

  3. Does this company have a website or something to see the different style books they have?


  4. EXCUSE ME MISSY...I would like to see EVERYTHING that's in those bags!!!! LOL...

    AND OH MY GOSH ABOUT THAT ALBUM!!! BUt then again, I always got a kick out of your 45 degree angle album covers...LOL!