Saturday, September 21, 2013

Party time!

Hi all!

Hooray for weekends right?  So last week I had put a post up on Facebook lamenting how every day I say "Tomorrow is sewing day.  I am going to sit and sew."  I have a backlog of sewing projects I really want to accomplish -  TWO quilts, a wall hanging, a purse my step mom has requested, fall/Halloween table linens, American girl doll clothes - the list goes on and on.  So in the comments my (awesome) neighbor says "You jut have to drop Pez at the bus stop and go in and do it."  My cousin says "What's stopping you!"  So I think "That's it!  Tomorrow I'm doin' it."  So what's stopping me?  I will do laundry while I sew so that I am still accomplishing something and just DO IT.  Here is how the day went
  • Begin cutting out purse pattern
  • Go to put my laundry in the dryer, hmmmm the load that's in there is not dry....I could have sworn I started the dryer twice already....I start it again.
  • Discover I am out of interfacing - now I will need to drive out to Leesburg to get some (we live in a small rural town.)
  • Go back to put the next load of laundry in the dryer....CLOTHES ARE STILL WET!!!  Now i KNOW i have turned it on...Holler for hubby who is working from home.
  • Begin dryer assessment.  No heat.  Commence dryer dismantling...which then involves dryer insides cleaning

  • We will need a new heating element.  So that means calling around to find it.  Good news, found it.  Bad news, now I am not only driving to Leesburg for interfacing but also ALL the way to Sterling for the element - about 45 minutes away.
  • While I am in Sterling I think Hey, I can stop by that nursery I really love and check for the Sempervivum Pezza has been begging me for.
  • Plant lady is apparently lonely since the Spring rush and decides to educate me on EVERYthing you could EVER want to know about succulents.  Interesting but I AM TRYING TO SPEND THE DAY SEWING.
  • Hubby and I were going to do lunch but now I am running late and he got a meeting put on his schedule - how about I hit the drive thru on the way home.
  •  I roll up to the drive thru at 12:32 along with every other human for MILES around.
  • I get home, eat my lunch, I have about 1 hour left before Pezza gets home, phone rings.  It's my good friend Amy (Pickled Paper) whom I haven't talked to in ages and SO miss her!  We talk and talk and then it's time to go meet the bus.
And this is how my EVERY day seems to play out UGH!  Though my day interrupting event yesterday involved picking up two itty bitty kittens to spend a couple days with me to recover from surgery before heading to the adoption center at Petsmart.

As I was squealing over them in the back room at the vets office I said "You would think after having rescued DOZENS of babies I wouldn't swoon over babies anymore but it just never gets old and the vet (BEST VET EVER) says "Nope, it NEVER gets old!"  These two are probably some of the best kittens I have had come through here.

But to be fair I do squeeze a bit of playtime in here and there and today I have a quick and easy birthday tag to share.

When I was cutting the circle elements for the layout I posted yesterday I thought HEY that would be a great birthday tag!  A Studio G $1 stamp is perfect in the center!  (If you missed that craze I do still have a few of the spring sets available.)

Once again I used foam tape to pop a couple of the layers up for added dimension.  I really think it's key to how nice the finished tag looks.

And now we are off to the party!

I am enetering this in the following challenges:

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  1. Awwww! I love that tag and you KNOW I loved me some Studio G stamps back in the day! I still have tons that are still in their packages unopened! Like you, I'm hoping to rebond with my crafty things once mat leave starts, but then again, I thought you would have tons more time for your fun projects once Pez went to school full time, but look at you, busy a bee still!!! *HUGS* Remember our PIC hard and fast rule: hygiene and cleanliness is OVERRATED!!!