Monday, September 23, 2013

Digi fun again today - Happy Camers

Hi all!

I have been working unbelievably hard on getting my house cleaned out and organized so I can start re-doing some things...alot of things!  Let me tell you about sweeping with a house full of cats.  We have hard floors on the main level except in the family room so that's a lot of sweeping.  While I am sweeping I have Biscuit chasing the broom, Graham is lying in wait behind and under things and attacking the broom when it gets close enough, meanwhile Bun is chasing the stuff I sweep up and careening through the pile,  Fluffy & Tiger are both laying in areas I am trying to sweep and refusing to move no matter how much I nudge with the broom and when I scooped everything into the dust pan and lifted it to put it in the garbage can and Bubba reaches up and grabs it and knocks it all back on the floor.  REALLY????

Anyway, on to the crafting.  I had told y'all about our last camping trip of the year and you know what I like to work on - my digi album pages.  YEP - i got another 2 page spread done.

I chose several of my fave pics that would represent our love of camping and hiking.

And then I paired it up with an ADORABLE kit from Sweet Shoppe - Happy Campers.  I think the colors and patterns are so perfect for a camping or outdoorsy layout and the embellishments are just so cute!


  1. those little critters are cuties and I love the pages!

  2. those little critters are cuties and I love the pages!