Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday rambles...


Aaahhhh weekends - where the insanity can be worse than the week days...!

We started off with the Talent Show at Pezza's school Friday night - LOOOOONG but pretty awesome.  She was in a dance number with a bunch of friends...

Before the show I asked her if she was nervous about going up on a stage - she just looked at me like I was stupid.  Forgot who I was talking to for a minute!  Hahaha!  I was very impressed with how many kids got up there and performed.  The best ones - a group who not only did the harlem shake - they wore HUGE masks of the principal, asst. principal and several other administrators.  We nearly fell out our chairs.  At one point Hubby says OMG it's Mr. Joseph in a tutu! Another - 3 girls had pillow cases over their heads - the pillow cases had elaborate faces on them and then they had fake arms attached to their hips - essentially it looked like the necks were at their waists.  Then when dancing it made for some hialrious looking moves.  Finally, a group of boys got up, all dressed in black, with glowsticks taped onto their clothes outlining their body shapes, LED glasses and LED-fingered gloves and then performed a dance mix routine - awesome!  Of course a lot of dancing and singing to various pop hits - hubby says "It sounds like Hollyn's radio station up in here."  He is not a fan.

I just finished reading my friend Catherine's new blog and she was talking about having a Saturday with nothing scheduled.... WHAAAA?  And what's funny is more days than not I think ok tomorrow - staying home and taking it easy...NEVER HAPPENS!

So what have I been up to instead?  Well for one thing I am on a hunt.  I was scrolling through the stores on Joss & Main and saw a piece of artwork to hang on a wall.  I would show you a picture of it but DESPITE being SURE I saved it to pinterest for future reference I cannot find it anywhere and Joss & Main changes their store offerings every few days so it is GONE.  Except for in my head.  Where it has been festering and simmering and growing larger than life until it hit full blown obsession.  Ok I say that like it took me a couple weeks to get to that point but to be honest I got to that point by the time I finished scrolling to the bottom of that particular page...The piece was actually of a baseball - which is lame and not what I want at all.  It was HOW it was done which is what I want to imitate.  I have been pondering what to do over my mantle for quite some time.  It was put on hold by the holidays because holiday decor takes over but now...

This is as far as I have gotten.  Could it get sadder???  I do want to point out the new paint color.  If you follow me on Facebook you will know I had to shut down painting in the middle because it was looking TERRIBLY My Little Pony Mint Green.  BUT it was just the old paint color reflecting on the new and making it look weird.  It is actually quite nice!

Anywho, the art piece I saw was done on a section of old weathered wood.  SOOOO I decided I need a section of old fence.  Or door.  Or flat-ish shutter...surprisingly difficult to come by let me tell you.  But now i am OBSSESED and I HAVE TO HAVE IT.  NOTHING else will do.  I know exactly what sort of mixed media shenanigans I will do on it but FIRST  I need the right surface.

So I started hunting.  I had heard good things about a little town nearby called Lucketts so I headed that way.  Let me start by telling you what antiquing/yard saling/junk finding is NOT.  It is not huge pile of identical old looking items with tags that say Made In China.  So I headed to the next place across the street.  Now these places are always set up in old renovated houses and such.  So after going through my fourth place I had not found what I was looking for but my obsession was coming dangerously close to being Let's buy an entire old house instead of just a fence section - which my hubby has already had to nix about a thousand times.  I found a few cool things - an excellent super old sewing table, a marble topped vanity like I want that was incredibly overpriced, old castle doors and several old bathtubs that would make perfect grottos for the Virgin Mary ala South Louisiana where I am from BUT nothing that I could work with.  Bummer.  I DID really like one place I went to - On A Whim - but there wasn't anything I could quite use.....I am now in the habit, as we drive, of checking out people's houses (we live in a pretty rural area with lots of very old farm houses) and trying to determine if the house or outbuildings are still in use or if per chance they would let me rip of a portion of the side of the building.  Hubby is NOT on board with that plan.

Yesterday we met up with some good friends (hubby's best friends from high school and the best man and maid of honor at our wedding in fact) and headed to another nearby town for their town-wide yard sale.  no luck but it was nice to see them.  We took their daughter home with us for the day and then we met back up for dinner over here last night.  It was JUST the motivation I needed to clean up my house a bit which has become a hell hole while we worked on the yard and got the camper ready for camping this summer.  In return for taking up his entire Saturday with stuff (he also revamped Pezza's playset with new equipment) I agreed to let hubby hide in his garage all day today.  I will be finishing edging the newly painted Guest room in the basement and then cleaning up down there so we can prep for the litter of foster kittens arriving tomorrow (Oh. EM. GEE. me and Pez can't wait) AND THEN get it set up for actual GUESTS in time for the other two members of the 3 muskateers - Ann and Catherine - to arrive in May.  OH do you have a kitten obssessed kid like me?  Get this toy Nursing Kitty

It's awesome.  The kittens "attach" to nurse with little magnets in their noses!  Comes in a doggy version too!

Tomorrow - artwork post I promise!!!  I have another kitty and several things in the works in the studio!

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