Monday, April 15, 2013

a thoughtful kitty...


ok art work today as promised!

My last little kitty.  On this background I threw in some patterned tissue paper and glitter!

He has a different little face too.  I started "drawing" them with India Ink and a calligraphy type paint brush and I really like the looser feel of it.

I began my background with sheet music and patterned scrapbook paper (I love mixed media - I can use up all my old, outdated, non-trendy papers!)  Then I began layering on paint and tissue papers with my fingers.  Next I used bubble wrap to add the lighter pink paint dots and then very small holed sequin waste with Luminarte Silks in Ginger Flower - a darker pink - over the lighter pink.

Now off to get our basement in order and set it up for the new litter of kittens arriving this afternoon!  We just can't wait to have some tiny fuzzy kitten faces to kiss on!

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