Wednesday, November 21, 2012

super quick and simple fall wreath

happy turkey day cooking day!

hahaha!  i bet i am not the only one getting busy cooking and cleaning today!  i am having a dessert conundrum though.  MIL is bringing a pumpkin pie and i know i am making bread pudding.  i was also going to make pumpkin cupcakes but then i thought maybe too much pumpkin so i want to do something else.  pezza picked raspberry lemonade cake, i considered cake topped with cheesecake and fruit with glaze but both those seem a bit summery.  then my buddy heather had to post about red velvet cake - and i do make a killer homemade red velvet cake with the traditional crisco pudding based frosting......mmmmmmm....but it always seems when i make red velvet cake outside of the south it freaks people out and no one eats it.  of course trev and kevin will be more than happy to have it all to themselves.....

i spent a good part of yesterday cleaning up in the basement to make the pool table available.  and then i decided i was going to make the fall wreath i intended to make months ago and never got to.  it will only be up for two days but next year it will get a long display time right?!

i have had these straw wreaths laying around for ages so i used one of those and some felt flowers - i was going for simple and i am pleased with the results

 and it took less than 1 1/2 hours to do start to finish!  SO easy!  especially since i used spellbinders dies to cut the felt - tracing circles and cutting by hand would have made it take WAY longer!

i used three sizes of the scalloped circle die and fall colored felt.  the small one took 6 circles for each flower and the larger two took 7 each.  for instructions you can go HERE - sort of.  that's the tutorial i used except i didn't follow directions very well :P  kind of a pattern with me!  So i folded the petals the way it says and then i stitched each one with three or four stitches onto the base but the did not lay flat - they poofed and i liked it so there ya have it!  a little hot glue to stick them on the wreath and TA-DA!

one last thing - my buddy Suzanne is having a black friday sale on Color Me Creative so go check it out ok?!?!

i hope y'all all have a fab thanksgiving and stuff yourselves silly!!!

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