Thursday, October 25, 2012

suzi blu fun!

hi peeps!

anyone else in love with online classes like me?!  i adore them.  i have taken a few classes in person - including one two weeks ago with wendy vecchi and i have another this weekend with dina wakeley - but online is the BEST! my pace, my color choices, my supplies - i can go faster or slower or skip around.  HOWEVER, there is still a time limit and i am coming up on a time's over for my suzi blu classes so i decided i better get back to it! so that's what i did this week and here is the result

this is nearly identical to the one in the lesson which i usually don't do but i thought perhaps i could try and be a "good" student and go step by step!  see i am the kinda girl who has HUGE issues with following the rules or doing what i am told - hell i rebel against MYSELF!  it's ridiculous really!  of course there are a few differences - suzi's girl is a rodeo girl with a cowboy hat, skull balloon and a pink bunny.  i objected to the rodeo part and pezza immediately objected to both the skull and the bunny. 

so i drew the girl and colored her in using colored pencils and suzi's pick of colors

and pezza drew her signature kitty for me which i also colored with colored pencils

the background is a fun collage of papers and such ala suzi blu that was outside of my usual mode but i stuck to it and followed her and i like the end result..  collage is awesome because i can use old papers that have been sitting around forever.  i even went so far as to put the beeswax over the final piece!  early in the class i tried two pieces with beeswax and really struggled and hated it but this one i had a better time with.  though i am still not sure if i like it.  my BIGGEST struggle with mixed media projects is the layering - which is funny since it is ALL about the layering.  i have SUCH a hard time covering something up!

all in all i had a great time with this one - i hope to have a few more in the next few weeks!  but maybe looking a bit more like my own work just using suzi's techniques!  perhaps minus the beeswax...but then i need to find something else that can protect my pieces.....hmmmm....

so what do y'all think of it?

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  1. Hello - I love it!! I just signed up for Suzi's Portrait class to see if I can learn to draw and shade some lovely faces. I really admire yours!