Saturday, October 20, 2012

calling all stampers...

hi all!

i am not sure how many readers i have or how many i have from my original blogging days but once upon a time my claim to fame were Studio G $1 stamps.  This led to opening an entire online store but I have since let that go by the wayside.  HOWEVER, i have inventory left I am hoping to sell.  and i am going to list items here from time to time at a savings too.  so to kick that off i went through my studio G stamps and pulled out what i have left for halloween and christmas to list here.  these are not complete sets but extras i could not sell as complete back in the day.  i also want to be sure you know that these are excellent stamps - many folks tried to say these stamps were too cheaply made to work but i can assure you that is not true and i have a video demo on that if you are interested:

The stamps are 25% off so 75 cents a pack!  quite a deal! these are the perfect little stamps for cardmakers and a great way to get a holiday collection of images to use without breaking the bank!

$7.50 - Set 1

$12.00 - Set 2

$4.50 - Set 3

$8.25 - Set 4

$4.50 - Set 5

$12.00 - Set 6

 $9.00 - Set 7

 $4.50 - Set 8

I only have ONE of each set except set 4 - i have 5 of them. these are first come first serve.

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  1. I have several of those Studio G .99 stamps and I love them! I use them all the time. The quality is excellent but I don't use baby wipes on them or anything harsh.

    Several examples are on my blog: