Wednesday, September 12, 2012

is that fall i feel coming???


Color Me Creative is looking for a Design Team for the Mixed Media Challenge group!  DTs will be required to participate in two challenges per month.  Projects can be anything from cards and scrapbook pages to art journal pages to altered art - it is up to you!  We are looking for all skill levels.  You must have a blog.  If interested in joining the team send me a short bio and blog link - marti(at)pezadoodle(dot)com!  Our first challenge after the summer break goes up in 3 days on the 15th!



i think september might very well kill me!!!  pezza is settling into being in big kid school but our schedule is a wreck!  i am having trouble getting it all sorted out but then I vaguely remember it being that way with the boys too.  The bus arrives at 11:20 and drops her off at 2:45 so in order to get lunch done i have to start making it at 10:45 and that is just not what's on my mind at that time of the morning!  not to mention it IS pez i am dealing with.  For example, bath time monday morning went like this

me: hollyn time to get in the bath
pez: no
me: i didn't ask if you wanted to, you just have to
pez: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
me: pez it's just a bath
pez: you can't make me
(oh. do i sense a challenge?)
so begins the death march upstairs to the tub.  she cries and wails about dieing the ENTIRE time i bathe her. 
me: ok all done - get out
pez: no
me: really?  OUT
(she dramatically pulls herself out wailing and crying about how mean i am so i can dry her)
me: i would like to point out you did not die
(eyes roll back, close and she performs a perfect slow motion collapse into a motionless heap on my lap)
me: really?  let's brush your hair
pez: NOOOOOO! i hate that
(more wailing and crying and drama fest as i comb her hair while she watches in the mirror.  suddenly she goes silent and begins looking at herself from diffferent angles.)
pez: do you see how really big my tears are?
and then right back to wailing like she has been run over by a car.

an isolated incident?  not even close.  we do this for every step of our day, all day, every dinner time i am exhausted.  i swear i have never seen anything like this child!  darn good thing she is so stinkin cute!

so what all have i been up to?  besides pezza?  loads.  getting to know the ropes of elementary school again - i mentioned some time ago in a post that i had such a horrid time in school and would hyperventilate and feel nauseous when i had to do anything school related with the boys.  i am trying to overcome that and be "that" parent that is involved and knows what is going on and helps out.  so i will be volunteering in the library once a week along with a variety of other events.  i will also be taking on an after school art class activity.  monday we cooked a big dish of enchiladas for the volunteers at our city fire and rescue dept. which they loved!  i got hints for some cookies too lol!

i am also working on another mixed media class for color me creative - i am doing a project series and class 1 is mixed media techniques for cards and scrapbook pages.  here is a sample of what the class will teach:

has there been a bit of a fall crispness at your house in the morning like ours?  oh how i love love love fall!  time to get to decorating the house i do believe!

class 2 will be Art Journals and class 3 will be projects off the page.  i hope you will join in the fun over on Color Me Creative - both the classes and the challenge groups!!!


  1. I am trying to get in the groove with first grade here. I told my husband that if I make it through 1st grade I deserve a medal. I get 10 e-mails a day from the school and the teacher. It is hard to keep up. Then the 30 min reading, sight words. If he passed the tests on Mondays he will add 20 words every week. This is crazy. I am not sure if Jon will like reading by the time he is done... So far he does not. Hugs and I have been thinking a lot about you. Can't wait to see you again....