Wednesday, September 26, 2012

art journal joy

hello all!
happy fall!  i know it's here where i live anyway - love love love it!  we are having a great week here despite me being sick because we are finally getting a break from vet visits and everyone is looking pretty healthy.  at the end of this post i will have kitty pics for those interested!

we are gradually getting our schedule back into shape with school starting.  she seems to be doing well so far.  we are also doing girl scouts and gymnastics.  we'll see how that all plays out.

i have been keeping myself very busy with some online classes Suzanne asked me to teach at Color Me Creative as y'all know.  You can sign up HERE.  The basics class and card/scrapbookers class are both live and the art journaling class will go live on friday!  today's project is one of the pages from the art journaling class:

i love how this page turned out and i think it pairs up well with the saying from St. Francis of Assisi.  i love the freedom of playing in my art journals.

This page also incorporates acrylic paint which is the current challenge in the Mixed Media challenge group also on Color Me Creative.i would love to have more folks join in over there!  just click HERE to go to the group.  the challenge runs until September 30th.  a new challenge will start on the 1st and we will be giving away prizes!

now here's some kitty pics for ya:

i have a photo area set up in my studio.  ALL of the cats seem to think it is the cat sleeping area.  here is tiger - our big old maine coon and the one who gave us a scare by being suddenly unable to walk a couple weeks ago.  she is much better now but pretty arthritic which is common in these big cats.
and this is fluffy - tiger's sister.
don't let my art journal get in your way or anything there fluff....
baby kayla, a foster who came to us super sick and is now doing much better.  she will even be at the adoption event this weekend!  she sticks very close to me - in this case a little too close!

Next up - Peter and savannah
savannah came to us with 2 very very sick tiny kittens and she was very sick herself.  we were unable to save her kittens but we did save her.  she and peter, who came to us with kayla, have become great friends!  savannah has only a stub of a tail and hops around like a billy goat so i refer to her as the billy goat, hubby refers to her as Boxcar Sally - poor little thing!  peter is amazing.  the only one who wasn't sick and boy does he have charm and personality!  he also has a black moustache and goatee making him quite distinguished (or comical) looking.  They will both be able to go to the adoption event as well.

bubba, our own Maine coon baby we adopted last year, has not been too sure how he feels about all these foster kittens but he is finally deciding they might actually be quite fun to play with and he is always very curious about their antics
i'll take all the good thoughts y'all can give for us to find good homes for these and all the other foster kittens this weekend! 


  1. The artwork is lovely...I love the birds, colours, and the quote... :)

    Baby Kayla still looks a little tired, she'll get there I am sure... :) I love her beautiful eyes and markings..

    Savannah has spunk, I see! ;) What a lovely cat she is!

    Peter won't be your foster kitty long, he will be snatched up in no time...Savannah too.. :)


  2. Marti this is so lovely. Great design and embellishments. And I just loooove the kitties.
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}