Wednesday, December 21, 2011

pearl mist video!

hi all!

posting from the depths of christmas prep hell!  anyone else???  marathon baking yesterday.  i have decided i despise cake pops...alot...and stores that run out of things before white candy melts.  thus snowmen cake pops with least pezza loved them!

we headed in to DC this past weekend for hubby's work christmas gathering.  we sat with my two fave couples and i had lots of fun.  i love DC and don't get out there like i used to since pezza was born.  can't wait until i can take her to the smithsonian museums and stuff.  used to love doing that with the boys.

but onto my project - today's fun includes a video for ya!  i LOVE LOVE LOVE perfect pearls mica powders by ranger - they are the BEST for so many things!  and a great one is making your OWN shimmering pearlescent mists in ANY COLORS YOU WANT and the video at the end of the post shows you all about it.  it is sponsored by - a super place to browse for all sorts of free tips, project instructions and info.  You can mix up your pearl mists two ways - one is just perfect pearls and water in a mini mister - all shimmer in whatever color PP you use but no heavy color.  i really love to spray this mixture onto regular patterned paper so i get shimmer paper!  that is what i did on the dark green strip on these cards - i sprayed the full page and then cut it to use on all of the cards:

really hard to catch the shimmer on camera though :(

i used papers from the same paper pad so they would all coordinate and kept the overall design simple for mailing and for quickness!

the images are just right stamps from like 2 christmases ago that i HAD to have when they came out and did not put to good use.

i colored them with colored pencils of course

i really had fun coloring up these little images - quick n easy!  here's the video - be sure and leave a comment so i know what you think of it!


  1. Thanks for making it look so easy. Love your snowman pops.

  2. I *LOVE* these! They look so fabulous and festive all bundled together like that! Definitely easy and fast for sending out or awesome all packaged together as a gift set?? Plus, you said SHIMMER and you know I'm a sucker for anything shimmer, but you also know I looooooooooooooooooooooooove perfect pearls the BEST! And the second way is to mix up the perfect pearls with water and add drops of alcohol ink into the mister to get extra yummalicious shimmery colour!!! LOLOLOL