Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Decor

hi all!

ok who is all ready for xmas raise your hand - NOT hahhahh!  i had a rough week - still battling grueling headaches.  my doc has not been much help so i finally headed to my chiropractor who works MIRACLES.  while i was pregnant with pezza she would knock my hips out of joint so i couldn't walk and the pain was so intense i would have tears stream down my face just to try and move.  no help from my doc so i researched it on the internet until i figured out the problem and it recommended a chiropractor.  i met mine when our sons played football together and he fixed me RIGHT up.  had to see him 3 times a week for the last 5 months of pregnancy just to move and shuffle around a bit!

anyway i have gotten my neck and shoulder muscles all messed up and knotted which is causing the headaches as well as intense pain down my right arm and when i use my hand it goes numb!  so he worked on me and i felt instant relief for a bout a day but it is back now - though a little less intense.  a few more visits with him and i will probably be ok.  but for now it has been rough.  between the pain and crazy insomnia i am a mess!  to top it off bubba kitten LOVES to bring his toys up to me in bed when i go to bed and then plays kitty X games in bed - crazy little thing - pics of him at the bottom!

for now i thought i would share some pics of some of our christmas decorating using some items I made for our TTCRD holiday issue:

our family room is the very traditional red & green basic holiday room.  it is also where we have our "family" tree - all the ornaments the kids have made or my mom painted for us or people gave us as gifts - no theme to it or anything and it is where we open gifts.  this year it is a bit of a mess because pezza added her own touch to it:

why yes those are random pipe cleaners, pieces of yarn and a 1/4 yard piece of fabric hanging of our tree thanks for asking :P  and yes front & center is pezza herself made of pipe cleaners on the tree (with particularly short arms.)

the top of the bookshelf:

the snowman is not made by me but the two taller trees are in this year's TTCRD and the smaller tree and candle holder are from last year.

these trees are from this year's TTCRD and are done in pezza's colors for HER area which is the sunroom.  She has her own little tree to decorate:

and then in the formal dining room - which is a more rustic themed room:

the three trees are also from this years TTCRD.  the vintage santa with the goose was painted by my mom.  i am not generally a collector of anything BUT i could definitely see collecting vintage style santa's - love them!

in other happenings around the house - we keep bubba kitten inside because he is RIDICULOUS if he gets out of the house - he immediately beelines at high speed to the middle of the street and then just dances around in traffic.  however if we hold him outside he does not struggle to get away.  SOOOOOO we got him a kitty leash and harness:

and out we went

he loved it!

he did not seem to mind the leash at all - we'll see how long that lasts.....


  1. Oh my gosh Marti I don't know where to begin!! You crack me up with your know that is your calling!?! To write, for I giggle each and every time I read your stories! Your trees are gorgeous and I see where you get your talent, Mom! Love Pezza's additions to the tree! Dang too bad the arms are too short! Pezza and Bubba are precious and love the leash! Hugz!

  2. Question Time!! I know you just recently got your cat the harness but has he escaped yet?? lol Our cat, Al, always manages to get out of it. He is the Houdini of that harness and we've yet to figure out how...we turn our back for an instant and he's history!! =)