Monday, May 15, 2017

BBTB2 - Graduation

Hi all!

As I mentioned in a previous post - we have 6 brand new baby kittens!  We foster kittens so we have kittens running through here from early spring until late fall - this is just the first batch for this year.  Anyway, I have pics!

This is Momma, Wendy.  She is a bit timid but once she is comfortable there are not enough pets in the world!  She is an easy going, relaxed Momma.  The vet was pretty sure she had done this before.....

And here's a pile of squirmy babies!  Not the greatest pics but it's hard to get good shots at this point.  Everyone is doing well and gaining weight.  had a bit of an eye infection issue but I have seen it before and knew what to do - I'll spare you the gory details.  It's all taken care of and babies are doing quite well.  We have been socializing them and doing important training in loves and pets and kisses and belly rubs.

I don't know about you but we are ready for the school year to wind down and come to an end over here.  In light of that our challenge this week at Bitten By the Bug 2 is graduation.  I have been skipping around doing my albums but I really need to go back and actually finish each year and move ahead.  In light of that, it was the perfect time to make a page for her measly pre-school graduation pics.  I have vague memories of this age where she was wearing me out like nothing her brothers ever did so it's probably lucky I have pics at all - even bad ones!

A simple layout with soft colors.  Allergies are still kicking my butt so I went with simplicity this week.  I hope you can join our challenge and even if you can't, please head over and see the projects created by the other DT members! Click here - BBTB2


  1. First of all, Love your scrapbook layout! Your babies are so cute. Also, OH MY GOSH! I used to have that little toy playhouse when I was growing up that I see in the background of the kitty picture. That is so cool. Have a great day!
    ~Janis (DT sister BBTB2)

  2. Oooh, the kittens are so adorable! I can imagine that Peza gets a lot of joy from them. Peza is so cute, what a smile! Love your layout!

  3. Cute layout, cute kittens and an even cuter daughter!

  4. Oh look at little Pezza! She is and was so cute!! Great pre-k graduation layout. I love the details you add to your projects. And there is nothing measly about her preschool graduation. We all have those photos and they contribute to the over all scrapped childhood! Ha.