Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Gift sets

Hi all!

Is your weather as schizophrenic as ours?  I was wearing shorts in February and March and this weekend it was SO cold!  I was planning on getting my veggie garden in since I missed it last year and it hasn't stopped raining long enough to get anything done!  The local store had seedlings out over a month ago - I don't know that there is anything left to buy now!

I wanted to post some little gift sets I made for my closest mom friends, I don't know what I would do without them!  I worked for the last 8 months at our local quilt shop which I have been shopping at for years and I saw some great fabric that I just HAD to use for my friends.  I decided to make them each a set of 2 potholders and made some big gift tags like my Mother's Day cards to go with them - easy to do in Design Space.  I just kept the flower design, popped in some tags and cut:

In addition to my paper crafting I absolutely love to sew/quilt!

I made 5 of each style - I have 2 other friends in mind for the last 2 sets.  The first style has this amazing wine themed fabric on the bottom and a strip of fabric with corks across the top.

The backing fabric is pretty awesome too!

The second potholder is beer themed - I couldn't decide between 2 different ones so I used both.  Then down the side I added some peanut fabric.

They were a hit!  Do you have any other hobbies in addition to paper crafting?

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