Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Hi all!

I hope y'all have all fared ok in the northeast!  I hear it was not quite as bad as initially thought.  My son is in southern New Hampshire and still has power so I am happy about that!  All we got was a dusting and 2 more days of school cancellation (for all that is good and merciful please don't let tomorrow be day 3).  I started feeling a bit iffy last night and was petrified I had the flu that hubby had about a month ago but so far I am only mildly sick - because flu and school cancellation together would just be too evil!

I have an art journal page to share - I actually did it last Friday and was even going to have a video to go with it but I am stuck in an onslaught of technology hell at the moment that just won't let up!  My video camera wouldn't stop shaking, then my camera battery died when I went to download the pictures, next my computer gave me the blue screen of death and a boot drive error so I was scrambling to figure out how I was going to back up all of my files since we have been a bit slack in that area.  Hubby's computer backs up automatically but not mine.  So I decided to go with Backblaze in case anyone is wondering - it can take up to 2 weeks to back up so I feel like I have a ticking time bomb.  My computer has about 170 GIGS of files!  When I bought my first computer it had 4 MG of memory and the salesman swore I could never fill it up in a lifetime!  MY how things have changed!

Anywho, the mixed media challenge on SCS last Friday was to do something monochrome - this was one of those times when I had a GREAT idea in my head but it was tougher to translate it onto paper.

PERFECT saying for me!

Leslie over at ColourArte came out with several delectable new colors for the Primary Elements powders and I decided to go with Beachhouse Blue for my one color.  I used it a couple of different ways to come up with my page - the BRILLIANCE of Primary Elements - the versatility is mind boggling!

The base is watercolor paper so I didn't get as much warping.  I began by mixing pea sized amounts of Primary Elements and Gum Arabic into water in a mini mister and sprayed  my paper.  Once dry, I stamped using Gesso - I was really hoping the color of the mist would come up through the Gesso a bit but it did not.  :(  Next I mixed the Primary Elements into Glazing Medium and sponged it on through sequin waste for the darker circles you see..

Next I mixed it into Modeling Paste so I could get some dimension onto my page.  I scraped this on through another stencil.

I had a piece of "throw away paper" from my first attempt at a page I decided to use it to cut some flower die cuts to use.  I added a bit of extra stamping with a musical background stamp.  I edged them with the same ink pad and then added a glittering center of Gala Glitz - This is amazing stuff from Art Institute Glitter - a mix of colored glass glitter chunks, shards and dust plus microbeads.  The stems are Viva Decor Pearl Pen.

I rarely ever have so much white space on an art journal page!  I like it!  I also love all that delicious glimmer from the ColourArte Primary Elements!

I am submitting this for the following challenge:

Now if I could only get some scrapping done......

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