Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Tutorial Time! Misty tags.

Hi all!

Well, we still have no baby.  My poor son and his girlfriend.  They have been sent home 3 times from the hospital in the last week.  Poor thing, Jess thinks she is feeling bad now and having contractions and discomfort but I think she doesn't realize just how bad it's going to get!  Those babies just take their time sometimes!

Meanwhile, in crazy Christmas-ing....

Anyone else still wrapping gifts???  I have a way to go but at least they are mostly purchased at this point.  AND I have the ones I need to ship all boxed up and ready to go so that's good.  I thought I would give you another tutorial for tags today in case you need a few more!

Aren't they pretty?!  These are easy to do using my MOST favorite Shimmering product on the market - Primary Elements Artist Pigment Powders.  Why are these my favorite?  Several reasons - The colors are brilliant and beautiful.  The shimmer is fantastic.  And most importantly, the immense versatility.  These powders are the base for ALL shimmering types of mediums and if you are like me when you want something you want one of EVERY color!  But the cost and storage can make that difficult so with Primary Elements powders I have gorgeous shimmering mists, paints, gels, anything I want.  It just depends on what I add the powders to.  This tutorial will show you just 2 of the MANY ways you can use these!

First, lets make a shimmering mist.  To do this you will need a mister of water, Gum Arabic - powder or liquid works, Primary Elements powder and a little scoop of some sort.  Gum arabic can be purchased in the art supply section of a craft store or online at Dick Blick and other places.

Add equal amounts of Gum Arabic and Primary Elements to the mister of water.  You can see above about how much to add.

Now mist your tags.  There are 2 ways you can do this.  On the left I sprayed the mist on to my craft sheet and laid the tag down in the puddle, lifted it, turned it, laid it down again and repeated this until I was happy with the color.  For this red tag I used Poppy Red, a great color at Christmas because the shimmer is gold - I love red and gold at Christmas!  For the tag on the right I just misted generously directly on to the tag.  This gives a more even coverage of both the red color and the gold shimmer.

Want to step it up a notch?  Grab a stencil.  I placed the stencil over the tag on the right and misted - do this lightly and at a bit of a distance so it is crisp.  Then I lifted the stencil and immediately laid it face down onto the tag on the left for a reverse, looser version.  This color is a newer one called Vintage Mint - just gorgeous!

Now grab a second stencil, something with a bit smaller design and we are going to do a tone on tone effect using the same color Primary Elements and Gel Medium.

Put some Gel Medium on a craft mat and then scoop out some Primary Elements and mix them together really well.  Place your stencil over your tag and smooth the colored Gel Medium like you would icing on a cake.  The less you mess with it the less likely it is to smear underneath.

Finish them off with ribbons, die cuts, a sentiment or however you like!

The Gel Medium gives it a neat, subtle dimension that really adds to the effect.

These are such a pretty addition to your holiday packages.

I truly love my collection of Primary Elements and consider them some of my most worthy expenditures in my studio and I bet you will love them too!  Check out the full range of gorgeous colors at ColourArte!


I am entering these tags in the following challenges:

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