Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Birthday Knight

Hi all!

Well what a crazy last couple weeks!  We have had my mom in town, driven up to New Hampshire to see Drake, Found out we are having a second grandchild in Spring and Pezza started SECOND GRADE!  Now I can have a bit of time to myself and see if I can't get my house back in order from the summer and spend some time crafting, sewing and doing some artwork!

Pezza's friend Jake, across the street, had a Knights themed birthday party and I needed a Bday tag as I am all out so I immediately thought of the Paper Dolls cartridge.  I can still remember the thrill of purchasing that particular cartridge.  I had not had my Cricut very long and I only had 2 cartridges.  The Paper Doll cartridge was an AC Moore exclusive and came as 1 of 4 in a bundle.  And those were the days when you had to pay full price for carts so that 4 pack cost a bundle!  Those were also the days when my entire paper crafting shenanigans fit on a card table and small plastic bin underneath it.  MY how things have exploded, but I digress.  I scrimped, I saved, I dreamed and then I splurged!  O. M. G. my husband is going to KILL me is all I thought so I had it stashed away!  Those were also the days of the Cricut Message board being insanely active and the best place ever to be on the web.  I love the friends I made there and still talk to some of them today!

It's a pretty simple tag as I was in a rush - I am the queen of never-plan-ahead but isn't he just so cute?!?!

I used some silver shimmery paper for his armor and gave his sword a blue pearl handle with some Liquid Pearls.  Of COURSE the sentiment is a $1 Studio G Stamp - also a throw back to those early days when I first started paper crafting and the product that started it all when I had the online store.  I still have sets I need to sell :P  Maybe this will be the year I can get some of my old inventory posted on the FB garage sale sites.

I am thinking I may have to challenge myself to do a slew of tags the way I did those cards for my mom (which she loved BTW.)  I did have fun with them....

And here is Pezza on her first day of second grade yesterday - MY she is getting big!  She was a baby when I got my Cricut!

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