Thursday, October 17, 2013

Cute Purse Day!

Hi all!

It occurred to me when I was contemplating how much better I have been feeling and how far I have come that I should share it with y'all.  I have been off my meds about 9 months or so now I think it is.  I am happy to report that I am feeling much better and far far more stable!  And happy!  And lucky.  I know not everyone will have the same road and I do still have to be very aware of my thoughts and perspectives and how I react to the things around me but I am doing well and feel much better physically as well! 

I still have some struggles though and one of them is balance - wow do I lack balance in my life!  I also struggle with having reasonable expectations on myself - Pezza is in school right now and I don't work so I should be super human and be able to do everything plus more right?!?!?  I seriously don't know HOW I raised my 2 boys ALONE while working AND putting myself through college full time!  Of course I was younger then!  I spend a lot of times feeling like I am running in circles and not accomplishing as much as I'd like to (or those around me would like for me to!)

Most significantly - I have not been crafting nearly enough BUT I did take some time recently to get a little sewing done and made a purse for my step mom!

 The pattern is really easy and for such a little purse it is very roomy!  I have made it a couple times but Pezza keeps on stealing mine!  The pattern is called Patty's Bag by Sewphisti-Cat and goes together fairly easily.

I just LOVE both the Daisy fabric and the pale orange butterfly fabric and they went well together - all from Joann Fabrics.

Do any of the rest of you sew at all?  If so, what is your fave thing to make?

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