Thursday, May 9, 2013

Kitty layout for NSD

Hey Y'all!

We are counting down to my buddies' Catherine and Ann's arrivals tomorrow!   Catherine is like my missing half I didn't even know I was missing!  We have a LOADED schedule for the weekend and I have been so busy this week I can barely see straight!  Trevor has moved in and started a job but his driving or non-driving situation has not been totally resolved yet.  That meant me getting up at 3:45 to drive 1 1/2 hours to bring him to work and get back home PLUS another 1 1/2 hours to go pick him up then running him around to get things for work PLUS several times of sitting in the DMV.  It's. been. fabulous.  BUT he's working, he has finally gotten his license back which means he can drive himself to and from work although that leaves ME stranded without a car.  AND because that isn't enough excitement I also FINALLY got a new momma kitty and 3 itty babies!

We have decided on names.  Momma is Biscuit, The girls are Brioche and Baguette and the little boy is Bun.  They are going to the vet for a check up - Momma feels a little warm and has begun sneezing.  Upper respiratory infection is one of the biggest dangers to foster kittens.  So cross your fingers for them!  I may be trying to do some bottle feedings with the littlest one too - she is seriously behind her brother and sister.

So what do I have for y'all today?  A scrapbook layout!  Yep I had some time to myself last weekend for my birthday and decided to get some scrapbook layouts done.  Imagine my surprise when I signed on to Page Maps - my hands down go to source for sketches - and realized it was National Scrapbooking Day.  Not only that but Page Maps is celebrating their 7th anniversary and has a great sketch contest going on - PERFECT!  The Grand Prize is a $200 gift certificate to A Cherry On Top - I could SO use that!  I have been on a spending ban for quite a long time and have had VERY little new stuff come in to my scrap room over the last couple years.  I thought the sketch was fantastic as always and got this layout done:

When I did thi sLO I didn't know I would be getting my first foster litter on Monday!  Well timed  - my LO focuses on how fabulous hubby is with all of our foster kitties! AND our own kitties!  He doesn't even really LIKE cats!  But they ADORE him!  

We have two couches - I am usually on one DIEING for a cat to come sit with me.  Hubby is on the other SURROUNDED by our cats and any foster cats we have at the time!  When I was a kid twin boys lived down the street.  I realize now that they were not particularly well looked after and they used to call my neighbor's dad "Miss" Woody.  So my poor lost foster kitties always call hubby "Miss Kevin."  I refer to him as Miss Kevin the Cat Whisperer!  In fact I have been unsuccessful at getting the tiny kitten to take a bottle so Kevin is going to try tonight - he iis usually much better at it than I am!

And speaking of not having gotten new scrapping stuff in ages I actually went on ACOT and was looking for pet or cat themed embellishments.  I came across a really cute pack of them and then realized I could make something similar using my Cricut.

So I made this little paw print embellie using the Meow cartridge for the paw and the George cartridge for the layered base.  I popped up the blue layer with foam tape - no need to buy some!  I am going to do some more of this type of thing I think - I have been getting very out of practice!

This is the Page Maps sketch Becky has posted for the contest - you can enter until May 31st!

What are you waiting for!  Head over to Page Maps and enter!


  1. Lovely entry and such beautiful cats!

    Sending positive thoughts for Mama Cat and her little ones....hopefully, they will be fine..


  2. Love the layout! Good luck with your momma cat and kittens. I foster, too, and have a new Mom as of last week with 6 kittens. They were in shelter almost three weeks - they'd been found in an attic after she gave birth!