Tuesday, March 17, 2009

do your skittles like to play dress up??

i had alot of fun at Angela's Happy Stamper - if you live in the northern VA area you really should check out her shop - it is fabulous!!! i met and chatted with some wonderful ladies and i was so happy to meet them all.

it had been awhile since i had pulled out my skittle bugs and i realized i did not have any skittle bug samples left. so i whipped up this little cutie:

The bluish purple piece was a fun little scrap i made from leftovers after my alcohol ink get together. i was clening up and my craft mat had a dried pool of alcohol inks from my demo. now here is what is so cool about alcohol inks - i decided rather than wipe it up why not see if i could play in it a bit more. the puddle was a bit too heavy on the silver so i added a few more drops of color - stream, cool peri and stonewashed and then a heavy dose of blending solution which woke the puddle of inks from the night before right up! i grabbed a bunch of nearby scraps of ranger's glossy paper and swirled them face down in the puddle and made some great pieces!

here is a close up of the skittle bugs. these little *doodled* stamps are sized to fit skittles perfectly whaich are hand colored and hand decorated by me for each of the bugs in the set. the bee in the center has the skittle bottle (don't be confused - skitlte sare not dew drops - dew drops will not be sized correctly. run out of bug skittles? the stamps can be simply stamped and colored or you can use a drop of dimensional pearls and draw the details on yourself like the background bee and the snail.

Other skittle bugs include a ladybug, dragonfly, caterpillar, bat and spider - perhaps they will come out to play too!


  1. These are so cute! I really want to get some but I'll wait until after Lent.

  2. Beautiful card! What a cute stamp!

  3. Those are lovely cards. I'm enjoying my visit on your blog.

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  5. These are all looking gorgeous...Beautiful card! What a cute stamp!!!!i love it thanks..
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  6. Hey Marti, I always read your posts, although I might not comment~! Thanx for your honestly, it was so refreshing, and I will continue to follow you!