Saturday, April 26, 2008

Studio G Studio G Studio heard it (and saw it) here first

That's right I have MORE Studio G news!!

Series 15

and Series 16

I must say I am loving the alphas in BOTH sets AND the way they have done the months in 16. I also really like the way they have done the sentiments with the two different font styles.

Now for the details:

Both sets are available on my site for pre-orders now. They WILL NOT SHIP until June. I expect Series 15 to arrive the second week in June and Series 16 to arrive towards the end of June. Once again they come with those darned blocks!! So I am sorry but I will be including those as I have several boxes of them already. :P However I will only charge $1 for both - we can split the cost - HA HA HA!!

I still plan on having Series 12 available sometime soon as well so stay tuned. Unfortunately I could not get my hands on pics of those :(

I'd love to hear what you think of these two new ones so leave me a comment!!


  1. I'm lovin' all those alphas! And birdies too. I have a question for you - do you know what the Angel Policy is for these stamps?

  2. These two sets are great!!! I love the little studio g stamps!! I just went and preorderd them from your site!! I'm so excited and I have something to look forward to in June:)

  3. Do they not understand what kind of a state they're putting us scrappers in with these things? :)Of course I have to have these! :)

  4. Gotta love the Studio G stamps! They are addicting. I started out as a rubber stamper in the early
    90's with DOTS that is now CTMH. I have so many wooden stamps I vowed not to buy anymore but I just cant say NO!!!! UUGH! At least my hubby cant see the lil' stamps cause they are easy to hide. LOL!!!

  5. I just love series 16 and pre-ordered from ya! The anticipation for them to arrive is gonna be a killer! LOL I will definatly be watching for # 12 also! Thanks Julie

  6. Cool! Is there a 13 and 14? Tricia =)

  7. These stamps are so stinkin cute and so much fun to make cards and things with... I am totally addicted!!! I pre-ordered both sets... and i am on the hunt for series 12 & 14... Nabbed Series 13 last week at AC Moore :) Missed out on the series with Valentine's, St Patty's and Easter, but managed to findd a few strays of a couple of the Easters.. and i have alot of missing ones from the early on sets.. Wish I ha them all, I am such a hourder :)